A Nigerian Lady known as Asake has shared screenshots of the conversation with a guy who apparently, has feelings for her.
The guy, Festus, identifies himself as her colleague, and in the Whatsapp conversation, he tried to express his love for Asake.
Asake who was irritated by his incessant use of abbreviations shrugged him up by writing; “Festus, First of all you type like a 3 year old, your abbreviations were making me cringe.. and I gave you my number because I didn’t want to be rude and you’re a colleague plus I feel everyone deserves a chance..”
“You misinterpreted whatever you think yous saw. I do not think of you in any way. Why would I do that. Before yesterday I didn’t even know your name. Please cancel whatever you were thinking about us. No offence but it would never be and it can never be”
Read the conversation below;