How To Hide Sensitive Whatsapp Chats So That No One But You Can See Them

How To Hide Sensitive Whatsapp Chats So That No One But You Can See Them

WhatsApp has been a game-changer in bringing people closer together than ever before. However, it has also become the catalyst in most divorces. One glance into a spouse’s chats is enough to end a marriage. Most are caught in a catch 22 situation, either keep your phone locked at all times leading to fights or delete all incriminating chats and let your partner have a look. This is not always reliable as ‘stray’ messages can come in at any time whilst your partner is looking through leading to trouble.

To save your relationship, he is what you can do to hide all those incriminating chats. Cheating is wrong but so is hurting your better half ‘s feelings. The First step is to download a modified version of WhatsApp called WhatsApp GB. You can find out on the link Here.

After the download is complete, install WhatsappGb on your device and insert your phone number like you would with regular WhatsApp.After verification is complete and setup, the compromising chats will start trickling in. To start the Hiding process.

How To Hide Sensitive Whatsapp ChatsHow To Hide Sensitive Whatsapp Chats

1. Go the conversation which you want to Hide.

2. Hold and select the particular conversation.

3. After selecting, tap on the three dots on the right-hand side.

4. An options menu will appear, now tap on the Hide option.

5. For security,  GBWhatsApp will ask you to set a new pattern.

6. Once you set up then you will see your chat has hidden successfully.

7. Now if you want to unhide your chat then go to the main screen of your GBWhatsApp and tap on the WhatsApp text given on the left top side.

8. As soon as you tap the WhatsApp text, the screen will open to enter the lock pattern.

9. You will see all your hidden chats.

10. To unhide the chats, again from the same screen tap on the right top side and select the “Mark chat as Visible”.

After these simple steps, you are done. You can leave your phone unlocked and never worry about your secrets being discovered.


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